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MOTRAILS was established on the WWW 18 October 1997
for the Backpackers and Hikers of Missouri

As Noted in December 1999 Issue of Backpacker Magazine - Page 25 !

Welcome to MOTRAILS! This website is devoted to a review of Missouri backpacking and hiking trails. This site is not meant to be all inclusive but instead offers the 'best' Missouri trails that I have been on or know about. The information provided is primarily first hand but does include reports from others and information from trail brochures. Please feel free to e-mail comments and questions to via motrails@hotmail.com. I also canoe, snowshoe, & cross-country ski (when we get snow), ride my mountain bike, and spelunk. I'm a 55 year veteran Scouter and have retired from work and scouting. The family and I: McMurphy Family Homepage.

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I don't like them very much"
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